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Note -- you probably need the full PHYLIP package, including the source code and documents in some form, simply in order to make sure that you have the documentation, even if you do not intend to ever recompile the source code. Most Windows and Mac OS X users will want to use the executables for their machines and will not need to recompile the source code, but everyone will need the documentation as well. Whenever PHYLIP is packaged as a single archive, it does include the all of the source code and documentation.

The Windows executables, documents, and sources are in the form of a Zip archive. To extract it, put it in a directory by itself and right-click on the icon of the archive. You will then be given the option to unpack the archive into the many files of the package.

The Mac OS X package is distributed as a .dmg Disk Image which can be unpacked using the instructions on our installation web page. The Mac OS 9 archives will (hopefully) be automatically unpacked when they are transferred. The Linux executables can easily be compiled after downloading the source code.

What to do

First note that at the bottom of this page is a link to register your copy of PHYLIP, and also a link to installation instructions. To transfer the files, click on the appropriate links below. Then register, and read the installation instructions and follow them.

1. Fetch the following:

PHYLIP's license is changing to an open-source license. It now uses a license that allows re-use in other software packages without demanding a royalty. (It does not demand that all other software in that distribution be open-source). The source code tar archive below has the new license. I have designated it as a new version, 3.697 I have not yet had time to recompile the executables, so they still have the old license. They will be replaced soon.

Linux or Unix

For Linux or Unix (or other systems that need to compile from source code):

(see below for information on how to compile these, and for information on precompiled Linux and Unix executables).


We have here the PHYLIP package for Windows, which works on Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Executables, documentation files, and source code is included in this distribution. We hope soon to update this distribution to version PHYLIP version 3.697. For the moment it is at version 3.695. However the source code for version 3.697 is available here (see below).

PHYLIP is available here in two forms. You will need only one of these, so read carefully before downloading. If you click on one of these selections to download it, make sure your browser saves it to disk. After downloading, but before you do anything else, you should read our installation instructions. You will probably want to do one of these:

Mac OS X

For Macintosh Mac OS X (either Intel iMac or PowerMac) the package is distributed as a single compressed disk image (.DMG) file of 12 Megabytes.

After PHYLIP is installed, the most recent Mac OS X operating system version, Mountain Lion, may refuse to run its executables when you click on the program icon. There is a good workaround for this -- see the discussion at our installation web page.

Mac OS 8 or 9

Note -- We do not have a Mac OS 8 or 9 system on which to compile the latest PHYLIP versions to make Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 executables, so the last executables available here are still version 3.65.

For Macintosh Mac OS (Mac OS 8 or 9) the package is distributed as a single Stuffit (.sit) archive of 4.9 Megabytes, which contains the source code, documentation, and executables:

If the Mac OS machine on which you will use the package is not connected to the Internet, you may instead prefer to download these four Stuffit archives which are each small enough to be written onto a floppy disk:

2. Register your copy
Register here after you have transferred anything

(It is not necessary to register separately for each file transferred -- you can register once after downloading several files).

3. Install PHYLIP
Here you will find more information about how to install PHYLIP on your computer once you have fetched the appropriate archive files.


Precompiled executables available elsewhere

Debian linux executables

Andreas Tille and Manuel Prinz have compiled and made available a set of PHYLIP 3.695 executables for Debian Linux. These are in the "unstable" section of Debian packages and may be downloaded for free ("free in the sense of free beer") from its page on the Debian web site at or from various Debian mirror sites. Of course, one can also install the source code (see under Unix above) and compile it yourself.

Executables for FreeBSD

A PHYLIP 3.695 package for FreeBSD Unix is available, thanks to David Bader and others. It is located at the BSD PHYLIP package web page at

Specialized source code versions available elsewhere

Source distribution for NetBSD

A set of sources and executables for PHYLIP 3.69 for the NetBSD operating system has been produced (originally by Marc Baudoin). They are available from The NetBSD Packages Collection PHYLIP page at

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