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Documentation in HTML

Version 3.6

The documentation for PHYLIP version 3.6 is distributed in the form of web pages. The latest version

may be read here

The web pages are also included in the downloadable files.

Here are other places where the PHYLIP 3.6 web pages (or 3.61, 3.62, etc.) also available on the web:

Version 3.5

Quite a few sites formerly made PHYLIP v3.5 documentation available in HTML form. Many have since upgraded to version 3.6. The remaining ones include:

Guides to using PHYLIP v3.6

Here is some documentation written by others, explaining the use of PHYLIP:

Downloadable guides to using PHYLIP v3.5

The EMBNET has had its Spanish node prepare a brief guide to using PHYLIP v3.5. This is available in a number of forms including:

PHYLIP server services

Some sites have also been bold enough to make PHYLIP available on a server basis -- you can submit jobs and they will analyze them and return the results. The ones I am currently aware of are:

version 3.6

version 3.5c

I think they're very brave considering how slow some of our programs are.

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