Peter Beerli has now moved to the School of Computational Science and Information Technology at Florida State University, Tallahassee. His new web pages is making progress but does not contain yet all links shown here

I am a research assistant professor in the department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle. My work with Joe Felsenstein here is theoretical: Estimation of migration rates from genetic data using a maximum likelihood framework. As you may have recognized, I am working on Estimation of population parameters and maintain the water frog home as a side project. If you really want to see my CV, then send me an email.
Ongoing and finished Projects you may find interesting:
Estimation of migration patterns by coalescent methods (Genetics 152:763-773, either through the GENETICS website or (not so correctly) from here) and visit Migrate www-page to get the newest information about this project.
Arbogast, Edwards, Wakeley, Beerli, Slowinski (2002). ESTIMATING DIVERGENCE TIMES FROM MOLECULAR DATA ON PHYLOGENETIC AND POPULATION GENETIC TIMESCALES. Annu. Rev. Ecol. Syst. 2002. 33:707-740. One-time access to our article from here), for your own personal usage.
In spring 2002 I gave two lectures about the coalescence at FSU
Lectures in PDF format:
Introduction to the coalescent, ML, and MCMC
Extension of the coalescent with examples.
NATO-ASI workshop 1998Advances on molecular ecology Lecture summaries for this NATO-ASI workshop in PDF format:
Analysis of geographically structured populations:
(Traditional) estimators based on gene frequencies
Estimators based on coalescence.
My chapter in that NATO-ASI workshop volume is Estimation of migration rates and population sizes in geographically structured populations.

Links to people I like:

Isabella Beerli: Fine art
Joe Felsenstein: phylogeny, coalescent theory, PHYLIP, LAMARC
Mary K. Kuhner and Jon Yamato: coalescent theory, LAMARC
"Shimo" H. Shimodaira model selection, nice pictures

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Peter Beerli, Dept. of Genome Sciences University of Washington, Seattle 98195,