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Rana lessonae Camerano 1882

Peter Beerli*

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A member of the water frog group with green backs which show black spots in females. Males are brightly yellowis-green during mating season. [More to follow..]


In the west it extends to the Atlantic Ocean in France, in the north are a few populations in Sweden, in the northeast the distribution extends beyond St. Petersburg, the southern border is assumed to be the Danube in the east. Problematic is the distribution in Italy, the species is considered to be distributed throughout the Po valley, but seems to be parapatric with an unnamed peninsular taxon (the peninsular non-hybrid, D_Nei >= 0.2). In Kalabria Santucci et al. (pers. comm., 1995) found an other hybrid zone (genetic differences between parental taxa are D_Nei = 0.4) suggesting that an other species is occurring in the southermost Kalabria and Sicily (southern non-hybrid).


The following recordings a short sequences of longer recordings. These files are size reduced (MULAW 8-bit encoded) from 16-bit encoded sound files.

Rana lessonae

[A single call , Several calls ]

Souther non-hybrid

[A single call , Several calls ]


Valid name: Rana (Pelophylax) lessonae Camerano 1882

Synonyms: Rana esculenta var. sylvaticus Koch 1872, "Rana meridionalis" Lataste 1876, Rana esculenta acutirostris Lessona 1877, Rana esculenta obtusirostris Lessona 1877, Rana esculenta var. lessonae Camerano 1882, "Rana esculenta var. immaculata" Camerano 1882, "Rana esculenta var. maculata" Camerano 1882, "Rana esculenta var. punctata" Camerano 1882, "Rana esculenta var. nigrovittata" Camerano 1882, Rana esculenta var. bolkayi Fejervary 1909, Rana lessonae pannonica Karaman 1948.


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        [see full text]
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Title Illustration

Rana lessonae from Switzerland.

Photograph copyright 1995, Hansjürg Hotz.

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