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Rana shqiperica Hotz, Uzzell, Günther, Tunner and Heppich 1987

Peter Beerli*

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Mid sized frogs (females 73.8±8.1 mm; males 70.6±7.4 mm) with mostly greenish brown backs with big brown to black spots, groins and ventral sides of femores are markeldy pigmented yellow. Morphological features are distinct from other water frog species, but are, as in all water frog species very variable. In biochemical characters (protein electrophoresis) the distinction from other species is easy: fixed alleles so far known are sAAT:e, aGDH:b, GPI:d, LDH-B:d, sMDH:b, PEP-2:c, PGM-2:b, MPR-1:b, segregating for MPI:d/e and have predominalty Alb:b. Private alleles are [..] (Hotz and Uzzell 1982, Beerli 1994).


The distribution of this species is restricted to the southwest of Yugoslavia and the northern parts of Albania. Rana shqiperica lives in sympatry with Rana ridibunda.


The following recordings a short sequences of longer recordings. These files are size reduced (MULAW 8-bit encoded) from 16-bit encoded sound files. [A single call , Several calls ]


Valid name: Rana (Pelophylax) shqiperica Hotz, Uzzell, Günther, Tunner and Heppich 1987

Synonyms: -


Beerli, P. 1994. Genetic isolation and calibration of an average 
       protein clock in western Palearctic water frogs of the Aegean region. 
       Dissertation Universität Zürich 1994. 
Hotz, H. and T. Uzzell. 1982. Biochemically detected sympatry of two 
      water frog species: two different cases in the Adriatic Balkans 
      (Amphibia, Ranidae). Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences 
      of Philadelphia 134: 50-79.
Hotz, H., T. Uzzell, R. Günther, H. G. Tunner, and S. Heppich. 1987.
      Rana shqiperica, a new European water frog species from the 
      Adriatic Balkans (Amphibia, Salientia, Ranidae). Notulae Naturae, 
      Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, (468): 1-3.

Title Illustration

Rana shqiperica.

Photographs copyright 1995, Hansjürg Hotz.

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