Water frog species

Species list

For a real description of these names and their synonyms and their value and also the available names for new species see Dubois and Ohler (in press) and of course the first descriptions.

Rana bedriagae Camerano 1882 Distribution: From Turkey to Egypt;

Rana bergeri Günther 1986 Distribution: Central italy? Status unclear, probably an original description without names of frogs from Sicily which are unnamed but a close relative.

Rana cerigensis Beerli, Hotz, Tunner, Heppich and Uzzell 1994 Distribution: Karpathos and Rhodos.

Rana cretensis Beerli, Hotz, Tunner, Heppich and Uzzell 1994 Distribution:Crete.

Rana epeirotica Schneider, Sofianidou, and Kyriakoupoulou-Slavounou 1984 Distribution:Western Greece, southern Albania.

Rana lessonae Camerano 1882 Distribution: From France to the Volga river.

Rana perezi Seoane 1885 Distribution: Iberia, southern France.

Rana ridibunda Pallas 177 Distribution: From eastern France to western China, This distribution encloses probably several distinct species in the eastern part.

Rana saharica Boulenger in Hartert 1913 Distribution: Northern Africa.

Rana shqiperica Hotz, Uzzell, Tunner, and Heppich 1987 Distribution: Southern Yugoslavia and Albania.

Rana terentievi Mezhzherin 1992 Distribution: Tajikistan.

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